Tiger Head Amulet Wat Bang Phra (1998)

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Muay Thai Republic has another special amulet find for you!

This LP Pern Tiger Head amulet is from the famed Wat Bang Phra. Encased in a beautiful custom waterproof case with laser gold engraving. It’s an old piece made in 1998 (BE2541). LP Pern amulets are very sought after…this piece came from a private collection.

Hanuman is the king of the apes and represents supreme victory and commanding leadership. He is fast like the wind. He is charming, super strong, invincible, immortal, witty and clever. Hanuman is known for protection from dangers, black magic and ill fates.

The amulet will come hung on a beautiful stainless steel takrut-style linked chain ready to be worn and the original temple box.