Buddha Chinnarat - Limited To 1,500

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Tao Wessuwan is known as the ghost and demon killer. Wearer of Tao Wessuwan amulets will be protected from ghosts and demons and can also help prevent nightmares. 

This amulet is composed of a golden powder derived from the Mai Tong Lang (ไม้ทองหลาง) tree. The Mai Tong Lang tree was believed by the ancient Thai that planting this tree near their home brought prosperity, fortune, wealth, and money. A gold leaf placed over the Buddha Chinnarat side. Only 1,500 of the gold powder with gold leaf exists and is sold out from the temple. This particular amulet is stamped number 1439. Powerfully blessed by LP Itt of Wat Chulamanee. Comes enclosed in a custom acrylic waterproof case and includes a rope necklace and original temple box.