Suea Hiaw Lang Amulet - LP Pian

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This hard to find LP Pian amulet was given to the volunteer chef’s during the ceremony at Wat Koen Kathin, Lopburi Province. The ceremony was held on February 5  BE2560 (2017). Above the tiger you will see the Thai number ๙๐ (90) which signifies the age of LP Pian at the time this amulet was made. LP Pian leaves Sangkharn (passed away) peacefully in the morning of Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 03:25 at 90 years of age which coincides with the time you chant a sacred object every day.

Made of brass and comes enclosed in a custom waterproof acrylic case. Comes with a rope necklace so ready to be worn and feel the wicha (magic) 🙏🏼