Suea Hiaw Lang Amulet - LP Chalearm - Limited To 555

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Suea Hiaw lang, or “tiger looking back” represents protection from behind, as if something is watching over your back which is suitable for people of authority and respect and also can be helpful in business negotiations, managing employees, finances and helps develop communication skills. But it also represents compassion and kindness which is a sign of a true Nak Muay.

This very limited edition of 555 pieces is powerfully blessed by LP Chalearm of Wat Woungnimit. This particular amulet is stamped with the number 148 in Thai on the tiger side. The ceremony was held in year BE2562 (2019). Made of of a beautiful rainbow copper that emits wonderful colors when hit by light in different angles. It come enclosed in a custom waterproof acrylic case, original temple box, and rope necklace so it’s ready to be worn and feel the wicha (magic) 🙏🏼