Sua Koo - Twin Tigers Yant Amulet Chau Nan

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This variation of the popular Sua Koo amulet is made from old amulets and brass temple bells (called chau nan or chanon). Only 991 pieces of this version exists making it even harder to find. This one in particular is stamped number 25 in Thai on the Sua Koo side. The amulet comes encased in a premium laser engraved custom acrylic case that is waterproof to keep the amulet safe from the elements. Comes hung on a nylon rope necklace.

The Sua Koo- Twin Tiger Yant is one of the legendary and most powerful yant to Thai people. The Tiger represents strength, authority, power, protection and conviction, as well as authority over ones subordinates. The tiger also offers help in business dealings and used by entrepreneurs to find the strength and mental resolve to find success in business. Twin tigers represent more power, as would two tigers in reality. This one is a favorite for those seeking extra power in their lives.

This amulet is one of Thailand’s most wanted pieces and is very hard to find since it was made 3 years ago. The amulet is blessed by Thailand’s LP Chup (1926 - 2022) of Wat Wangkrajac, Kanchanaburi province. Strongly made using old temple’s bell brass and blessed on a sacred Saturday the Fifth which only comes around once every few years, it is known as the most sacred day to bless sacred amulets. LP Chup was amongst of few monks left who were able to study the deep wicha (magic) from one of Thailand’s greatest lineage, LP Suuk of Wat PakKlongMaKhamThao who is known as Thailand’s greatest guru.

LP Chup was a highly respected monk through practices and ability to bless very effective amulets that proves experiences in many occasions. The former sak yant master who has succeeded his Dhamma after 69 years in a robe as a practicing Buddhist monk.