SILVER Suea Hiaw Lang Cleaver Amulet In Silver Case

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Muay Thai Republic has another special amulet find for you straight from Chiang Mai Thailand! Very rare as only 49 Silver pieces exist!

 🔪 Local Legend Has It... 🔪

Whomever Wears This Amulet Will Experience Great Luck And Fortune. By LP Saneh of Wat Chiang Khang. The Amulet Takes Shape Of A Butcher’s Cleaver And Sports A Couple Powerful Yants...The Seau Hiaw Lang (Tiger Looking Back) And The Paed Tidt On The Other. Comes With The Original Temple Box.

Only 49 of these silver pieces made. This one is stamped number 13 in Thai. Comes encased in a custom pure silver case and and hung on a premium qualilty stainless steel chain link necklace that can accommodate multiple amulets. We can also hang on a regular stainless chain if you prefer.