Ruesi Head Amulet Wat Bang Phra

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Muay Thai Republic has another special amulet find for you!

This Reusi Head amulet is from the famed Wat Bang Phra in Nakhon Chaisi and was made in 2009. The temple is famous for its sak yants and its tiger and Ruesi blessings. It is said that the late abbot of Wat Bang Phra, Luang Pu Pern, was meditating in the jungle and some tigers approached. Due to LP's high level of "sa dti" or consciousness, the ferocious tigers were subdued by his state and his prayers.

One of the most famous Ruesi (or Lersi) in Thai culture is the wandering mystic or hermit known as Ruesi Por Gae (old father). He manifests as a healer/holy man and is often associated with healing arts like massage, yoga, meditation and astrology. He is a sort of shamanic figure in Thai culture, considered to be able to move between realms and protect people on their journey through life.

The amulet is made with sacred herbal powder in the back and enamel fronts. There are local gemstones in them along with small takrut and the kata or prayer written for each particular amulet.

Encased in a beautiful custom waterproof case with laser gold engraving. The amulet will come hung on a laser gold chain ready to be worn.