Phra Somdej/Hanuman Amulet In Premium Case w/Robe, Hair, and Handwritten Yants - LP Choop (2020)

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This beautiful Phra Somdej is from LP Choop was made in BE2563 (2020). Made from hundreds of years old lead so only 249 of these were produced with each one having a unique number stamped on it. This one is a low #17. LP Chup has engraved handwritten yants on the front side. A piece of LP Chup’s robe and some hair strands are also enclosed in the premium laser engraved case. The case is waterproof acrylic to keep the amulet safe from the elements. Included also is a nylon necklace so it’s ready to be worn.

Phra Somdej is considered the “King of Amulets” as it has a universal effect on the wearer...everything from wealth fetching to protection. All amulet collectors must have one.