Phaya Nok Tued Tue (Owl) Amulet - Limited to 599

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Here’s an amulet you rarely see. The Phaya Nok Tued Tue (Owl) amulet is the legendary bird known for bringing good luck and wealth especially in making a living and business dealings. It can also protect from black magic and other invisible things like ghosts and bad spirits. This amulet is powerfully blessed by Luang Pho Chu of Wat Thap Chumphon in year BE2558 (2015). LP Chu is very famous for his powerful sak yants and will only perform sak yant tattoos if the recipient agrees to behave morally. LP Chu is the sak yant master of AJ Mee who is also popular for beautiful sak yant tattoos and has also designed some of Muay Thai Republics sak yant designs.

This amulet comes encased in a unique custom enclosure. Hung on a nylon rope with stainless steel hardware. Ready to be worn and the user to feel its wicha 🙏🏼