Muay Thai Takrut & Tiger Head Bracelet

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Exclusive to Muay Thai Republic is this magnificent Muay Thai Takrut and Tiger Head bracelet. The takrut is a sheet of brass which is engraved with a special yantra that is supposed to provide invincibility and protection to the wearer...and in the ring, the wicha (magic) hardens the skin to protect the fighter from cuts and blows (of course you can’t wear this in the ring but you should prior to the fight leading up to getting your hands wrapped 😊). The brass is then rolled up and put into the cylinder.

On the opposite side of the takrut, we’ve placed a special tiger head bead that contains a blessed tiger heart Sansakrit script.

The beads are made of ancient and believed to be indestructible stone which helps absorb negative energy and turns it into positive vibes that help calm the wearer in times of stress or worry. It is a very protective stone.

Each bracelet is blessed for three days by sakyant master Ajarn Chai Ladkrabang and then blessed again by Choo Khun Winai Sutee at Wat Tart Tong (one of Thailand’s Royal Temple in Bangkok).

Bracelets are 8” in circumference and feature an elastic band so you can easily slip the bracelet over your hand onto your wrist. The bracelet has a nice heavy weight to it  💪🏽