MTR “PHA KHAOMA 3” Muay Thai Shorts

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The Pha Khoama 3 shorts is something a bit different from the norm but we think they turned out pretty good! Made with authentic pha khaoma from Isaan (north east Thailand).

Pha khaoma is a hand woven loin cloth made throughout Thailand but we chose the ones from Isaan as this is where the majority of Nak Muays originate from. It has many uses from a scarf, towel, weapons wrap, etc. It’s also a cultural symbol usually worn around the waist.

Note: No shorts will be the same as the Pha Khaoma has different patterns throughout 😍😍

Washing Instructions: Pha Khaoma is made from 100% cotton and could shrink severely if put in a drying machine. Please hand wash shorts and hang/line dry afterwards to keep the shorts in original shape and maximize the life of the shorts. Thank you!

SIZE CHART (Western Sizing):

WAIST(inches) 24-28 26-30 28-32 30-34 32-36 34-38