MTR “PHA KHAOMA 2” Muay Thai Shorts

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These shorts are something we’ve been wanting to do for a while but we wanted to make sure we make them right and with authentic pha khaoma from Isaan (north east Thailand). We kept it simple as to not draw attention away from the beautiful patterns and craftsmanship of the pha khaoma.

Pha khaoma is a hand woven loin cloth made throughout Thailand but we chose the ones from Isaan as this is where the majority of Nak Muays originate from. It has many uses from a scarf, towel, weapons wrap, etc. It’s also a cultural symbol usually worn around the waist.

Note: No shorts will be the same as the Pha Khaoma has different patterns throughout 😍😍

Washing Instructions: Pha Khaoma is made from 100% cotton and could shrink severely if put in a drying machine. Please hand wash shorts and hang/line dry afterwards to keep the shorts in original shape and maximize the life of the shorts. Thank you!

SIZE CHART (Western Sizing):

WAIST(inches) 28-29 30-31 32-33 34-35 36.5-38 39-41.5