LP Liw Phaya Tao Reuan Turtle Silver Amulet - 1994

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This VERY RARE LP Liw Phaya Tao Reuan turtle amulet is one of the most sought after turtle amulet. Made in the old process of making amulets where they take melted metal and pour it into a mold instead of stamping them out. LP Liw Phaya Tao Reuan amulets from Wat Rai Tang Tong have been known to give the wearer good luck in business, money, and prosperity. Turtles always crawl forward which symbolizes progress and growth, making it the perfect amulet for the New Year.

This beautiful LP Liw amulet is about 99% pure silver and is approximately 27 years old...it was produced in BE2537 (1994) so coming across another one of these amulets will be very difficult. It comes enclosed in a premium silver case that truly enhances the beautiful amulet. Comes hung on a high quality and heavy stainless steel chain necklace, ready to be worn and feel the wicha (magic) 🙏🏼