Hanuman X Majchanu Pha Yant

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Hanuman x Majchanu (Son of Hanuman), Strongly blessed by LP Ard, “Hanuman & Majchanu Maha Yant Nam Chai” means “Super yants bring victory”.

Hanuman and Majchanu are 2 superior warriors, father and son combination. Majchanu has a similar look to his father Hanuman however he has a mermaid tail like his mother “Nang Majcha” who is a mermaid. Hanuman of course being the more powerful who is a superior warriors. Majchanu is also known for his ability to fight in the water and fetch luck and wealth for business owners.

LP Ard is a well known veteran monk in rural kanchanaburi province who has studied powerful wicha (supernatural power) over 30 years. His amulets and pha yants are proof to be very effective.

Blessed earlier this year on a special Buddha day.

This Pha Yant is approximately 12” x 16” and should be framed and hung on your wall for maximum effectiveness 🙏🏼