Hanuman Silver Amulet - LP Chup - Limited to 89

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This Hanuman is another piece by the highly respected and adored monk of all of Thailand, LP Chup of Wat Wangkrajek. This amulet was made in year BE2558 (2015) and only 89 silver pieces with color were made. This one is stamped #62 in Thai. Comes in a beautiful silver waterproof case and with a stainless chain necklace ready to be worn. Also included is the original orange jewelry/temple box. It’s truly something special if the amulet comes in a jewelry box.

Hanuman is the king of the apes and represents supreme victory and commanding leadership. He is fast like the wind. He is charming, super strong, invincible, immortal, witty and clever. Hanuman is known for protection from dangers, black magic and ill fates.