Hanuman Krong Mueang Amulet - Phra Ajarn Din

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This Hanuman Krong Mueang amulet is from Phra Ajarn Din and was blessed by LP Chup and LP Itt during the same ceremony of the Tao Wessuwan at Wat Wangkrajek on Saturday, September 19, 2020 (BE2563). Only about 500 of these exist. The amulet is approximately 20mm tall and is made by compressing sacred powder into a ball and then covered with gold leaf.  Comes enclosed in a premium laser engraved acrylic/waterproof case and includes a gold plated chain.

Hanuman is the king of the apes and represents supreme victory and commanding leadership. He is fast like the wind. He is charming, super strong, invincible, immortal, witty and clever. Hanuman is known for protection from dangers, black magic and ill fates.