Black Saber-Toothed Tiger Amulet

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This beautiful Saber Toothed Tiger amulet is made of a mixed alloy and then packed with red powder. Then five silver takruts pressed into it. This is a heavy piece so we’ve paired it with a beautiful rope necklace with brass hardware. Comes protected in a custom waterproof acrylic case with lasergold engraving.

Background on the amulet:

Top of the range amulet - very very powerful among all looksid (disciples) of LP Chu, who is known for his wicha (supernatural skill) to bless highly effective amulet. LP Chu is one of the best Sak Yant guru who came from the lineage of LP Suuk, Wat PakKlongMakhamTao - one of superior wicha lineages in all of Thailand. LP Chu is the master who taught and passed on wicha (magic) to AJ Mee Sak Yant - Famous sak yant master we all highly worship based in Phuket.