“Super Rich” Garuda Amulet BE2537 (1994)

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This beautiful 26 year old amulet is the successor to the very populer BE2536 (1993) Garuda amulet that has become extremely rare and expensive. This version is the BE2537 (1994) amulet from the same mold but has the “wet skin” (has a distinguishable shine and texture to it compared to the year before which also makes it difficult to make counterfeits). Our amulet dealer said it is believed that less than 1,000 exist with most now in the hands of collectors, so it’s very difficult to find and pry them out of their hands.

Dubbed the “Super Rich” amulet, it is said that the wearer of the amulet will be blessed with fortune and great luck. Blessed by LP Wara of Wat Photong.

You’ll receive the amulet encased in a beautifully crafted waterproof clear case. The case on this amulet is handmade and takes between 2-3 hours to complete. The case maker is one of the best we’ve seen as you can see in the images. Also comes with original temple box and gold plated chain necklace.

All our amulets are guaranteed to be authentic by our dealers in Thailand.