AK-47 Hanuman & Singha Silver Amulet - Limited to 299

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Muay Thai Republic has another special amulet find for you! We try to find you the most beautiful and rare pieces we can and this amulet is no exception.

Just arrived from Thailand, you are looking at another wonderful piece from LP Chup made of PURE silver. This amulet is known to be a protector amulet which is why you see the LP Chup sitting on top of a pair of AK-47 rifles and the amulet is shaped into a shield. Made in BE2561 (2018) and only 299 pieces were made. Pure silver amulets are harder to find due to the lower production runs. This one is very low number 55 which makes it very desirable. On the back is the fearless ape commander Hanuman riding on Singha (Leo). The amulet comes encased in a premium laser engraved clear case...something you hardly see but really compliments this beautiful amulet. Amulet comes hung on a nice heavy stainless steel chain ready to be worn and feel the wicha.

At 94 years old, LP Chup of Wat Wang Krajek is one of the most beloved monks in all of Thailand with his popularity reaching all corners of the world.