LP Pat Twin Tigers Yant Amulet - Limited To 999

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The Sua Koo - Twin Tiger Yant is one of the legendary and most powerful yant to Thai people. The Tiger represents strength, authority, power, protection and conviction, as well as authority over ones subordinates. The tiger also offers help in business dealings and used by entrepreneurs to find the strength and mental resolve to find success in business. Twin tigers represent more power, as would two tigers in reality. This one is a favorite for those seeking extra power in their lives.

Blessed by the one and only LP Pat of Wat Hoidoun earlier this year. This silver plated amulet with the Thai flag enamel is number 561 of 999 which is stamped in Thai on the amulet. Encased in what collectors call the “Lens” case due to the thickness and magnifying effect of the case. The case does cost us a bit because case makers don’t really like to make them as they take a lot of time and material to produce but it makes the amulet really standout.

Comes hung on a rope necklace with stainless steel hardware and original temple box is included.